32.7. Additional Resources

32.7. Additional Resources

For more information about users and groups, and tools to manage them, refer to the following resources.

32.7.1. Installed Documentation

  • Related man pages — There are a number of man pages for the various applications and configuration files involved with managing users and groups. Some of the more important man pages have been listed here:

    User and Group Administrative Applications
    • man chage — A command to modify password aging policies and account expiration.

    • man gpasswd — A command to administer the /etc/group file.

    • man groupadd — A command to add groups.

    • man grpck — A command to verify the /etc/group file.

    • man groupdel — A command to remove groups.

    • man groupmod — A command to modify group membership.

    • man pwck — A command to verify the /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow files.

    • man pwconv — A tool to convert standard passwords to shadow passwords.

    • man pwunconv — A tool to convert shadow passwords to standard passwords.

    • man useradd — A command to add users.

    • man userdel — A command to remove users.

    • man usermod — A command to modify users.

    Configuration Files
    • man 5 group — The file containing group information for the system.

    • man 5 passwd — The file containing user information for the system.

    • man 5 shadow — The file containing passwords and account expiration information for the system.