Does anyone else remember travel? That was a fun thing many of us used to do, and played a big part of being a scientist: visiting different parts of the country and the world, meeting new people, exploring new airports. OK, the airport parts of it sucked, but much of the rest of it was great -- it was a big part of what I liked about my job. I look forward to doing this again when Trump's pandemic is nothing but a horrible memory.

Spring & Summer 2020

These were all postponed or virtualized. Listed here to preserve the wistful memory of what was hoped to be.

April 18 - 21: American Physical Society Meeting, Washington, DC. CANCELLED. Offered as a virtual meeting but I don't have the bandwidth to engage.

June (2nd or 3rd week): Capra Meeting on radiation reaction and self forces, Austin, Texas. Virtualized.

July 7 - 9: Latin American Conference on Astrophysics and Relativity, Bogotá, Colombia. Postponed.

Fall 2020

My idea of what constitutes "travel" is somewhat different now from what it has been in previous semesters.

Once twice a day: Walk dog around my neighborhood.

About once a week: Buy groceries while wearing a mask.

Occasionally during term: Visit my office on campus (after taking appropriate precautions).

Someday: Travel beyond the Massachusetts state line.

Sad to say
I must be on my way
So buy me beer a whisky
'Cause I'm going far away

Sally MacLennane, The Pogues

Last updated 18 August 2020