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SciCom is a student-run MIT organization intended to enlighten and educate the African students on basic scientific concepts.

34.5 million Africans live under poverty level and out of these approximately 12.5 million are children. With HIV/AIDS rates exceeding 15 percent in a number of African countries and poverty rates constantly increasing, we have only one resort - Education. Science and Technology should be the key to African development. And there is no better place than MIT to launch such a project.

Every Saturday, The Post, Zambia's largest National Newspaper (readership of 50,000 a day), publishes an education supplement. A full-page of this supplement has been given to MIT. For that page, SciCom is looking for articles (approximately 800 words long) on ANY topic of your choice. Previous topics have included: Black Holes, Car Engines, Bombs, Malaria, AIDS etc. As long as your article can inspire 15 year old students to study science, it will do! All authors will get a cash reward from SciCom and a certificate directly from the Post Newspaper in Zambia! Spend two hours to write a 6-pargraph article that will potentially enlighten over 50,000 people!

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