Help with Streaming Media using RealPlayer

RealPlayer requirements

To view this streaming media content, you should have RealPlayer version 8 or later installed on your computer. The web content available here can be played with the most basic version of RealPlayer. All needed functions are available in the basic version.

You can get the free RealPlayer at this link: RealPlayer (download link for the free "Basic Player" version is on the right side of the page as of Dec. 29, 2005)

Operating system recommendations for optimal video viewing

Multimedia files, such as the ones used in this site can put a considerable demand on your computer. For PC users, we recommend using a computer that is running Windows 98, or a more recent version of Microsoft Windows. For Apple Macintosh users, we recommend using a computer that is running OS 9 or later.

Test your RealPlayer

Visit this page for a series of links that will help check the setup of your RealPlayer.
RealPlayer test page at

The links on the third row of the video and audio section of the page will verify if your player is configured to receive the content found at this site.

Problems watching RealVideo (and hearing RealAudio) content?

General help with RealPlayer.
Please visit the RealPlayer support page at

If you are having problems connecting to RealMedia content from a corporate/office location, you may be encountering a firewall that is preventing you from accessing them. If you can determine that there is a firewall issue, you will need to contact your local technical support or network administrator to request that restrictions on the firewall be modified.
The following tip has helped many users who are in corporate environments:
  • Open up RealPlayer
  • Select "view" ->"preferences"
  • Select the "Transport" tab then the "use specified ports" radio button and "RTSP Settings"
  • Select "Use HTTP only"
You do not need to exit RealPlayer after performing this sequence. Try to access the content and see if it works. Please note that this is a "workaround" - you may have to choose a lower bandwidth connection because of competing web traffic. Ask your systems or network administrator to open port 554 on the firewall to let RTSP traffic through. Further information on firewalls can be found at