REMINDER: DO NOT WALK INTO THE FILM ROOM WITHOUT KNOCKING FIRST AND MAKING SURE THAT NO ONE IS INSIDE. Remember the door does not lock unless you remember to latch it. Opening the door when someone is rolling film will make everyone very unhappy.


A. In the film room first make sure the counter top is dry and clean.

In the dark, open the flat side of the film canister and push the film out. Cut off the leader. Roll the film onto the reel, remembering that the outermost end of the metal spiral should be facing the film. Cut off the spindle at the end of the film. Place the loaded reel into the tank. Close the tank. Turn on the lights. Unlatch the door.

B. Relax.

C. Prepare the chemistry: You will need 5 different chemicals: developer, stop bath, fixer, perma wash, Ecco 121, and a lot of water.

  1. DEVELOPER. We are using Sprint Film Developer. Use 1 part Film Developer to 9 parts water. The final diluted developer should be at around 68 - 70 degrees F.
    A two reel tank holds 16 ounces total volume.

  2. Pour the diluted developer into the tank. Tap the tank, and agitate according to the type of film you have:
    a. 5 sec. every minute for non-tmax films (that includes Ilford Hp5+ and Ilford Universal),
    b. 5 sec. every 45 sec. for Kodak TMAX films.

    To determine development time look on the side of the Sprint Film Developer box. Find the film type and then the time/temperture on the charts.

    Remember, developing time is relative. That means if your first roll is too dense - decrease your time on the next roll; if too thin - increase your time on the next roll

    At the end of this time, dump out the developer. Flush the tank with water. pour in the Stop Bath and tap the tank. ALWAYS TAP THE SIDE OF THE FILM DEV. TANK AFTER YOU POUR IN A NEW SOLUTION. Forgetting to do this can result in air bells forming on the film surface. Such formation would yeild visible unevenness in film development.

  3. STOP BATH. Found in the 5 L cube on the shelf in the film room. To use: dilute 1 part stop bath to 9 parts water.
    OR, just use water.
  4. Time: 1 minute
    Flush the tank.
    Pour in the Fixer.

  5. FIXER. Sprint Fixer. Found in the film room or also found in a 5 L cube under the sink in the print room.

    New fixer: to use: dilute 1 part fixer to 4 parts water. Add Sprint Alum Converter: 30 ml per liter of made up fixer. One capful = 10 ml, so in your case, for 1 two reel tank-full (i.e. 1/2 liter) you need 15 ml, or 1 1/2 capfuls.

    Fixer Time: triple the time it takes to clear your film leader. Tap. Agitate. When you are done fixing: pour your used fixer into a beaker. Fill the film tank with water and open it.

    Check the end of your film to make sure it is properly fixed. If it looks funny, go back into the fixer. If it looks O.K. it is time to wash it.

  6. WASH. Running water wash for 3 minutes.
  7. This wash and the final wash should be done in an open tank.

    While your film is washing, take the beaker with the used fixer in it into the print room.

    If the printing trays are set up: Dilute this used fixer solution with an EQUAL part of water. Then, add this solution to the fixer tray in the sink.

    If the printing trays are not set up: pour your used fixer into the DEAD fixer container next to the sink.

  8. PERMA WASH. Either find the jug of diluted 'use as is' Perma Wash or add one and a half capfuls of concentrate to a 16 oz tank of water. Perma Wash for 3 minutes with agitation.

  9. FINAL WASH. Running water wash for 5 to 10 minutes. When you are done washing, remove the film reel, fill the tank with water, add one (1) capful of ECCO 121 to the tank, and, immerse the film in this solution for 1 - 2 minute with initial agitation.

  10. You are done. Take the film and hang it up to dry weighting the bottom. Look to see if there are any large water drops on the plastic side of the film. If so, break them with your finger. DO NOT squeegee your film. The film should be dry in a couple of hours.

  11. Please be careful not to splatter any water drops on any film that is already hanging up.

    Rinse your tank, lid and reels with hot water and set the reels up to dry.

    Wipe down the counter area and dry it.


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