Crystal structure of HLA-DR1 in complex with an endogenous peptide.
Section of the 2|Fo-Fc| map.


We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that underlie recognition and response in the immune system. Currently, we are investigating the following areas:
  • Structural studies of class II MHC proteins.
  • Antigen presentation by dendritic cells and microglia.
  • Molecular studies of T cell activation signalling pathways.
  • MHC tetramers as T cell detection reagents.
  • Computational prediction of class II MHC epitopes.
  • Contact us: 
    • University of Massachusetts Medical School 
    • Department of Pathology
    • S2-127
    • 55 Lake Avenue North
    • Worcester, Massachusetts 01655
  • Principal Investigator:  Lawrence J. Stern
  • Admistrative Assistant:  Kathy Zelny

Diagram of cell-cell interactions in the immune system 

Immunofluorescence microcopy of a dendritic cell (anti-DR1 FITC)
Courtesy of Laura Santambrogio, Harvard Med. School.