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2007 Parent Survey

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Updated 1/11/2007

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Thank you for participating in the Parent Survey. This survey is being sent to parents of enrolled students by a select group of colleges and universities. The results will help us serve both parents and students better. All individual responses will be confidential -- only averages and other summary statistics will be reported. We hope you will complete the form. A high response rate from each institution's parents dramatically improves the usefulness of the results. Thank you very much for your assistance.

Either parent may fill out the questionnaire or both parents may complete the survey together. If you have more than one child attending the college or university that sent you this questionnaire, please answer in reference to the older son or daughter who is enrolled there.

The survey consists of nine linked sections that take approximately 25 minutes to complete. It is important that you complete all nine sections for our research. Once you submit each page by hitting the next button, your answers will be saved from that page. You will be able to complete part of the survey and return at a later date to this web page to complete the rest of the survey. If you return to the survey, your previously submitted answers will be displayed for you to review and edit.

Remember your responses will be completely confidential, so please be candid. Your participation is very important and greatly appreciated!

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If you have questions about this survey, or encounter difficulties in taking it, please contact [school contact].