MIT Mechanical Engineering Subject Evaluation

Welcome Mechanical Engineering Student!

Thank you for participating in the MechE web-based subject evaluations. For participating subjects, no paper evaluations will be given.

Why evaluate? Subject evaluations are used for assessment and improvement of our courses and of individual instructors' teaching. Your answers will be read by both the faculty involved in the course and members of the department’s administration. Your responses are essential to maintaining the quality of our educational program. Your feedback can also be influential to other students in their subject selection.

How this works.  You will see a list of links for subjects and instructors. The ones that you have completed will show a green check mark.  You may work on your responses throughout the evaluation period, doing some in one sitting and some in another, if you wish. You may also return to this site to edit your responses throughout the evaluation period.  At the end of the evaluation period, the final set of responses you have entered will be submitted.

Confidentiality. The subject evaluations are completely confidential. The web form uses MIT certificates to authenticate students and display classes each student is eligible to evaluate. Information Services & Technology (IS&T) will remove all identifying information before extracting the data to create the separate reports that are given to Mechanical Engineering staff. Faculty will not see the evaluation results until after final grades have been submitted.

Results.  The results of the evaluations will be posted on the MechE subject evaluation site shortly after the end of the semester:

Errors?  If you are not authorized for all your subjects or if you encounter other problems, please immediately send email to

Questions or Comments. If you have any questions or comments about the web-based subject evaluations, please contact the MechE Executive Officer, Professor John H. Lienhard (

Evaluation Period. Fall 2011 subject evaluations will be available from Tuesday, November 30 to Sunday, December 12 at 5 PM.

The evaluations are closed.
You will need MIT Web Certificates to enter the evaluation. Certificate information will be used to ensure one response per person per subject. Personally identifying information will not be provided to instructors.

Although you may return to complete the survey at a later time, most people find that it is most efficient to complete the survey in a single sitting. If you wish to review or edit your responses before the evaluations close, please return to to login and review your evaluations.