Road Maps

A Guide to Learning System Dynamics

Road Maps is a self-study guide to learning system dynamics. It is organized as a series of chapters, and is being developed by the System Dynamics in Education Project at MIT under the direction of Professor Jay Forrester. Presently, seven chapters of Road Maps are available. Road Maps teaches the reader how to identify different kinds of systems all around us and how to model these systems using a computer. Road Maps can be a resource for both beginners and advanced system dynamics modelers, and requires no previous system dynamics knowledge and only basic math skills.

Because many papers in Road Maps contain graphs and other diagrams, Road Maps has been converted into portable document format which is viewable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please visit the Adobe Acrobat page for instructions on how to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader and how to configure it for your web browser. Once the reader has been installed, come back to this page to begin your journey through Road Maps.

If you have any technical problems viewing Road Maps with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, you should visit our help page.

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The table of contents for Road Maps organizes the papers in Road Maps by chapter. Each chapter contains a number of individual papers. The table of contents also provides a short annotation for each paper.

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