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Science & Technology Time!

Graham and Parks School
"Okay" - Room 201
Ali Taalebinezhaad, PhD

Thanks to the arrangements made by Ms. Judy Richards, the teacher of this combined 3rd and 4th grade elementary class, at the Graham & Parks School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, every Thursday I have volunteered to introduce a new area of science and  technology to her students in an interactive and hands-on environment .


Magic of Chemistry! 

We learned how to inflate a balloon using simple kitchen materials. 
You can review the Chemistry handout or visit the Chemistry photo gallery for details.

What is inside a PC?

We ripped a PC apart to see all of its internal components. 
You can read more about it in the PC handout or see the PC photo gallery
I also provided everyone with a 15-page document that students and their family can use as a very helpful source of information. There were a few typos in that handout that I have corrected in this errata.

How a Car works?

We learned about the main systems in a typical car using a Lego "Technic" model car.
You can review the Car handout or see the Car photo gallery for details.

How a car Engine works?

We used a realistic engine model to describe an "Internal Combustion Engine".
You can review the Engine handout or visit the Engine photo gallery for details.

Renewable and Sustainable Energy Sources!

In this session we study the energy sources which are unlimited, almost free, and do not pollute our environment. We will specially focus our attention to solar energy.
You can review the Energy handout or see the Energy photo gallery for details.


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