Our Lab Is Changing.

The Technology Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Structures (TELAMS), known since its establishment as TELAC, (The Technology Laboratory for Advanced Composites) has been dedicated to providing leadership in the advancement of the knowledge and capabilities of the composites and structures community through education of students, original research, and interaction with the community at large.

This leadership continues today at TELAMS, with an emphasis on composite materials, as the research topics span a wide spectrum, from basic understanding of composite materials to their behavior in specific structural configurations, with the ultimate objective of gaining a sufficient understanding of the properties of a composite laminate's basic building block, and how these properties interact to determine properties of laminates and structures made of composite materials.

Recently, the focus of the laboratory has broadened into other areas, and thus its renaming. These areas include multi-scale modeling and simulation of the mechanics of advanced materials used in the aerospace industry with emphasis on understanding the influence of micro-structural features of deformation and failure in their effective engineering response, computational modeling in solid mechanics, and design, fabrication, and testing of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), along with their associated materials and processes.

In the coming weeks we will be adding information to this site (including a new logo) to describe in more detail TELAMS research, facilities, related courses and, most importantly, the students, post-doctoral associates, staff, and faculty whose collaboration make this a great lab.

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For questions regarding TELAMS, please contact Melanie Burliss (mburliss@mit.edu) at 617-253-2727, or write to:

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