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the coop

There are two store locations for The Coop at MIT, one at the MIT Student Center, the other in Kendall Square. At these locations you can buy books and insignia items such as MIT mugs, t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as school supplies and other items.

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Students started The Coop in 1882. In the beginning, The Coop was simply a place to buy books, school supplies, and coal or wood for those cold Cambridge winters. Over the years, The Coop has grown into one of America's largest college bookstores, as well as a full-service store that's stocked with almost all the items and services you'll need on campus or off. Best of all, the annual membership fee is still just $1, just as it was in 1882.

The Coop's mission is to serve the Harvard and MIT communities as a cooperative by providing quality products and services. Our operations should be profitable, enabling us to share a portion of those profits with our members in the form of a rebate, and to support a capital budget which will ensure our viability.