Epsilon Theta

Active Members


Thetans at 2016 fall retreat.

Pledge Class '15 Fall

Dylan Hendrickson G

Computer Science (Course 6-3)

Neither this web page nor any of its links is a puzzle.

Jackie Bredenberg G

Computer Science (Course 6-3)

Input: apples. Output: code.

Josh Brunner G

Computer Science (Course 6-3)

Josh is always willing to play bughouse.

Pledge Class '16 Fall

Linus Hamilton G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Digit "Didge" LeBoid is one of the main characters in Cyberchase. His favorite color is blue.

Pledge Class '17 Fall

Jason Ye '21

Computer Science (Course 6-3)

Currently not hosed enough.

Adam Atanas G

Computational and Systems Biology (Course 7)

May or may not secretly be a Python script.

Mollie Wilkinson '21

Materials Science (Course 3)

Insomniac, wake up and look at your card.

Pledge Class '18 Spring

Ben Chang G

International Relations and Security Studies (Course 17)

Some days it's a blue wing, lifting.

Pledge Class '18 Fall

Brian Reinhart '22

Joshua Ani '21

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

Ellen Wang '22

Helen Read '20

Mechanical Engineering (Course 2)

Pledge Class '19 Spring

Meghal Gupta '20

Mathematics (Course 18)

Katharin Tai G

Pledge Class '19

Ixa Gani '21

Not you

Andrey Khesin G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Will play Hanabi for food.

Yan Sheng Ang G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Hizami Anuar '23

Andy Haupt G

Social and Engineering Systems (Course IDS)

I bought an inbox for my desk, and it's always empty, because I don't put anything in it.

Andy Tockman '23

Victor Luo '23

Pledge Class '20 Spring

Lin Rogers '21

Chemistry (Course 5)

Rachel Schaefer G

Civil and Environmental Engineering (Course 1)

Spring 2020 Officers

Dylan Hendrickson
Lt. Commander
Brian Reinhart
Social Chair
Mollie Wilkinson & Andy Haput & Meghal Gupta & Andrey Khesin
Adam Atanas
Athletics Chair
Andy Haupt
Andy Tockman & Jason Ye
Not Coffee Chair
Ellen Wang & Yan Sheng Ang
Rush Chair
Victor Luo & Jason Ye
Media Librarian
Andy Tockman
Pledge Orientation Officer
Ellen Wang
Mollie Wilkinson
Bus Chair
Brian Reinhart & Jason Ye
Alumni Contact Officer
Yan Sheng Ang
House Manager
Helen Read & Andrey Khesin
Jackie Bredenberg
House Duties Czar
Jackie Bredenberg
Not Elected