Epsilon Theta

CPW 2023

CPW is MIT's weekend for admitted students to explore MIT and decide if it is the place for them. During CPW, ET hosts events to meet the prefrosh and give them an idea of the ET culture. Come check us out!

Thursday, April 13th

Van from ET to campus at 9:15

Board Games on Campus
11:00-13:00 in 1-379
Do you like board games? Are you on campus? Come play board games on campus with us!

13:00-14:00 in 1-379
Fold a scale model of Taipei 101, The Space Needle, or The Great Pyramid of Giza!

Games That Should Not Be Played That Way
14:00-15:30 in 1-379
Have you ever wanted to play Super Smash Bros. on a DDR pad? How about Jenga with chopsticks? Come play games in very wrong ways with us!

Capture the Flag with Foam Swords
15:30-17:00 in Kresge Oval or Killian Court
Don't lag - zig and zag to tag the scallywag who's almost reached your flag! Also you have a foam sword to tag with and they have a foam sword to parry with.

Van from Lobby 7 to ET at 17:15

Tacos and JPRD - Jeopardy Without Vowels
17:30-20:00 at ET - Meet in Lobby 7 at 17:15
Tacos: Try to fit as many ingredients into your taco as you can, then enjoy some fruit salad for dessert! Vegan options available.
After Dinner, JPRD: Jeopardy except clues are just the answer without vowels or spaces. Examples:

Game shows:
jprd = ʎpɹɐdoǝɾ
whwntstbm = ǝɹıɐuoıllıɯ ɐ ǝq oʇ sʇuɐʍ oɥʍ

Game series + 1:
sxnghtstfrdds = s,ʎppǝɹɟ ʇɐ sʇɥƃıu xıs
nfntbld = ǝpɐlq ʎʇıuıɟuı

Van from ET to Lobby 7 at 20:15

Van from Lobby 7 to ET at 21:30

Agar.io with Cookie Dough and Fermi Questions
22:00-23:00 at ET - Meet in Lobby 7 at 21:45
Agar.io with Cookie Dough: Roll around your ball of cookie dough, consuming the smaller balls of dough that stand in your way in the quest to become the biggest ball of dough! Then, at the end, we'll all eat cookies!
Fermi Questions: Estimate stuff to within an order of magnitude, for sufficiently ridiculous values of "stuff". A past question: if you melted the statue of liberty and used the copper to make pennies, how many statue of liberty foam hats could you buy at the tourist gift shop?

Van from ET to Lobby 7 at 23:00
Van from Lobby 7 to ET at 23:15

Friday, April 14th

Van from ET to Lobby 7 at 9:45
Van from Lobby 7 to ET at 10:00

Van from ET to campus at 10:45

Balloon Twisting
15:30-17:45 in 5-134
Ready to develop your clown skills? Come learn to twist balloons with us! Make a poodle, a tortoise bracelet, a sword, a flower, or whatever your heart desires!

Hidden Traitor Board Games on Campus
15:30-17:45 in 5-134
Lying to your friends, trying to guess who's lying, using game evidence to puzzle out who must be lying... games where a few people secretly work against the rest, including Mafia, Werewolf, Resistance, and a couple we've invented ourselves!

Van from Lobby 7 to ET at 17:45

Pasta With All the Sauces and Puzzle Hunt
18:00-22:00 at ET - Meet in Lobby 7 at 17:45
Pasta with All the Sauces: Pesto, marinara, and alfredo available to top an infinite amount of pasta. Sides of garlic bread and garden salad. Vegan options available.
After Dinner, Puzzle Hunt: Puzzles can be anything; you might not know the rules or structure, and it's never the same twice. Grab a pencil and some paper, join a team, and try to be the first to solve our Hunt.

22:45-23:30 at ET - Meet in Lobby 7 at 22:30
Gooey marshmallowy chocolatety goodness!

Saturday April 15th

Van from ET to campus at 10:45

Buddha Nature Board Games on Campus
11:00-15:00 in 4-159
Don't know how to play? Perfect! Play a variety of games without knowing the rules.

Pipeline (Telephone) Pictionary
15:00-16:30 in 4-159
Act out a drawing based on acting based on a drawing...can you guess the original message after all these layers of indirection?

Only Connect Game Show
16:30-18:00 in 4-159
What goes fourth in this sequence: 5 P in a N; 2 N in a D; 2.5 D in a Q; ______? In our spinoff of a British game show that revels in its perplexity, team up to find connections between seemingly unrelated trivia! Bonus points for obscurity and British accents.

Van from Lobby 7 to ET at 19:45

Make Your Own Pizza and Silly Video Games
20:00-22:30 at ET - Meet in Lobby 7 at 19:45
Make Your Own Pizza: How many toppings can you put on a pizza? Come find out! Vegan options available.
After Dinner, Silly Video Games: Come try Regular Human Basketball, a totally regular game definitely about human basketball, or maybe Baba is You, a puzzle game where the rules of the game are part of the game itself, or even try Celeste where you only control one button!

Getting to ET

The best way to get to our house is to meet one of us at Lobby 7 to catch our van!

You can also get to our house on the Cambridge West/Brookline Saferide. You’ll recognize us as the yellow house located right across the street from a park about 15 minutes into the route. The Saferide runs from 6PM to 2AM (3AM on Friday/Saturday). On campus, you can catch the Saferide at the turnaround behind the student center.

You can also email us to get a ride over: et-www@mit.edu. We're happy to pick you up anywhere! (Unless you happen to be in Kansas or Neverland or something.)