Tom Yu - biography


Herewith, some biographical notes of questionable completeness:

I was born in Houston, Texas in 1973. It's far too warm there, so now I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I arrived at MIT in the fall of 1991, and graduated in June of 1996 with a S.B. in Course XVI - Aeronautics/Astronautics. I lived at Fenway House, an anarchistic MIT student commune of sorts. After graduation, I moved to an apartment near Porter Square. I got married to Amy in 1998. We live with five cats and a ferret.

I am a licensed radio amateur with call sign N1ZSV. I tinker with lasers, optics, and electronics, among other things. I also ride two motorcycles. I have been known to work on graphic design, typography, and theatrical sound and lighting.

I currently work as a member of the MIT Kerberos Development Team. I contribute to the IETF, primarily in security-related work. I also do assorted other work on computer and network security.