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Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn, editors

interview with editors about new media and the Democratic National Convention

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1. Introduction: The Digital Revolution, the Informed Citizen, and the Culture of Democracy
Henry Jenkins and David Thorburn

2. Technologies of Freedom?
Lloyd Morrisett

3. Which Technology and Which Democracy?
Benjamin Barber

4. Click Here for Democracy
Michael Schudson

5. Growing a Democratic Culture: John Commons on the Wiring of Civil Society
Philip Agre

6. Reports of the Close Relationship between Democracy and the Internet May Have Been Exaggerated
Doug Schuler

7. Are Virtual and Democratic Communities Feasible?
Emitai Etzioni

8. Who Needs Politics? Who Needs people? The Ironies of Democracy in Cyberspace
Roger Hurwitz

9. Democracy and Cyberspace: First Principles
Ira Magaziner with response by Benjamin Barber

10. Digital Democracy and the New Age of Reason
David Winston

11. Voting, Campaigns, and Elections in the Future: Loking Back from 2008
Nolan Bowie

12. Democracy and New Media in Developing Nations: Opportunities and Challenges
Adam Clayton Powell III

13. Will the Internet Spoil Fidel Castro's Cuba?
Cristina Venegas

14. Ethninc Diversity, "Race," and the Cultural Political Economy of Cyberspace
Andrew Jakubowicz

15. Documenting Democratization: New Media Practices in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Ashley Dawson


16. The Frequencies of Public Writing: Tomb, Tome, and Time as Technologies of the Public (excerpt)
John Hartley

17. Journalism in a Digital Age
Christopher Harper

18. Hypertext and Journalism: Audiences Respond to Competing News Narratives
Robert Huesca and Brenda Dervin

19. Beyond the Global and the Local: Media Systems and Journalism in the Global Network Paradigm
Ingrid Volkmer

20. Resource Journalism: A Model for News Media
Ellen Hume

21. What Is Information? The Flow of Bits and the Control of Chaos
David Sholle

22. That Withered Paradigm: The Web, the Expert and the Information Hegemony
Peter Walsh

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