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NEW MEDIA 1740-1915

Lisa Gitelman and Geoffrey B. Pingree, editors

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Introduction: What's New About New Media? (complete)
Lisa Gitelman and Geoffrey B. Pingree

1. Zograscopes, Virtual Reality, and the Mapping of Polite Society in Eighteenth-Century England
Erin C. Blake

2. Heads of State: Profiles and Politics in Jeffersonian America
Wendy Bellion

3. Children of Media, Children as Media: Optical Telegraphs, Indian Pupils, and Joseph Lancaster's System for Cultural Replication
Patricia Crain

4. Telegraphy's Corporeal Fictions
Katherine Stubbs

5. From Phantom Image to Perfect Vision: Physiological Optics, Commercial Photography, and the Popularization of the Stereoscope
Laura Burd Schiavo

6. Sinful Network or Divine Service: Competing Meanings of the Telephone in Amish Country (excerpt)
Diane Zimmerman Umble

7. Souvenir Foils: On the Status of Print at the Origin of Recorded Sound
Lisa Gitelman

8. R. L. Garner and the Rise of the Edison Phonograph in Evolutionary Philology
Gregory Radick

9. Scizzoring and Scrapbooks: Nineteenth-Century Reading, Remaking, and Recirculating
Ellen Gruber Garvey

10. Media on Display: A Telegraphic History of Early American Cinema
Paul Young

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