The Sawyer Seminar will meet once a month on a Friday, September 2010 through April 2011, bringing together faculty and students throughout the Boston/Cambridge metro area. Each session will feature research presentations by two invited speakers, followed by discussion led by one or two local scholars.

Unless otherwise indicated, all events will be held from 2:30-5:00 PM (room number 56-114).

If you have a disability, please contact us ahead of time so that reasonable accommodations can be provided.

All seminar meetings are free and open to the public — no registration is required.

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2010September 17
Sensing the Unseen: Introduction
Speakers: Constance Classen and David HowesAdd this event

October 22
The Elusive: Listening
Speakers: Steven Feld and Hillel SchwartzAdd this event

November 12
The Unaccounted: Measuring
Speakers: Kim Fortun and Sarah IgoAdd this event

December 3
The Occult: Governing (Schedule Update)
Speakers: Adam Ashforth and Bruce GrantAdd this event

2011February 11
The Invisible: Feeling
Speakers: Thomas Csordas and Kathryn GeurtsAdd this event

March 11
The Evanescent: Tasting
Speakers: Amy Trubek and Brad WeissAdd this event

April 15
The Obscure: Photographing
Speakers: Karen Strassler and Marianne HirschAdd this event

May 6
The Transitory: Filming (New Session)
Speakers: Ilisa Barbash, Lucien Castaing-Taylor, Chris Boebel, Chris Walley, Verena Paravel, Emily ZeamerAdd this event