Brown Agenda:

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Capacity Building:

Community Based Organization (CBO):

Civil Society:

Comparative Risk Assessment:

Domestic Waste:

Also known as 'residential waste' these are wastes produced by household activities, and include food preparation, sweeping, cleaning, fuel burning, and garden wastes. They can also include old clothing, old furnishings, abandoned equipment, packaging and newsprint. Where bucket latrines are used, these wastes will probably include faecal material. In lower income countries, this waste is dominated largely by food and ash wastes although plasic packaging is increasing while in middle- and higher-income countries there is a larger proportion of paper, plasic, metal, glass, and discarded manufacturing items. (WB Technical Paper No. 426)

Environmental Action Plan (EAP):


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

Environmental Planning and Management (EMP):

Environmental Management Strategy (EMS):

External Support Agency (ESA):

Faecal Material:

Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

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Graphic Information System (GIS):

Gross National Product (GNP):

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Green Agenda:

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Health Care Waste (HCW):

International Standards Organization (ISO):

Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP):

Night Soil:

Also known as sanitation waste. In several lower-income countries no sewage networks exist within many towns to remove faeces and similar solid sanitation wastes. Specialized collectors of night soil often collect this waste separately from individual houses. This material can contaminate watercourses and become a source of infectious diseases if indiscriminately dumped. Consequently, in those cities where there are no sewage treatment facilities for night soil, it is common for this material to be used either for manure for agricultural crops or end oup a the municipal landfill. (WB Technical Paper No. 426)

Non-governmental Organization (NGO):

Proactive Planning:

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Putrescible Waste:

Food or other compostable waste.

Rapid Urban Environmental Assessment:

Reactive Planning:

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Regional Assessments:

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Sectorial Assessments:

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Solid Waste:




Urban Ecology: