VPR E25 Conference Room Reservations

WELCOME to the site for submitting reservation requests for conference rooms E25-202 and E25-401.
ALL reservation requests are to be placed via the on-line reservation system, subject to review and confirmation.

RESERVATION ADMINISTRATOR:  Corey Schenck, cschenck@mit.edu.

ROOM DESCRIPTIONS (click on each room for description):



Purpose/Users:  These rooms are to be reserved for MIT meetings or events ONLY.  NO non-MIT events.  Non-MIT community members may not reserve rooms.  Not for classes or experiments under any circumstances.  (Contact the Schedules Office for classroom reservations.)

Cleanup:   At the end of your meeting/event, clean up all food and trash; wipe tables; clean up kitchen, if used.  Blot any carpet spills.  Use recycling bins.  Leave room as you found it (or better).  If your event produced a large amount of food waste or other trash, you may need to bag the trash and place in the hall or request custodial services to remove.

Room configuration:  Tables and chairs may be reconfigured but must be reset at the end of your meeting.  Please handle furniture with care.  Close/latch all windows.  Reset window blinds.  Turn off lights.  Please leave the room door(s) UNLOCKED for the next user, unless your meeting is the last of the day, or if lockup has been requested by reservation administrator.

Audio/visual equipment:  It is the user's responsibility to arrange for delivery and pickup of any A/V equipment.

Catering services:  It is the user's responsibility to oversee food delivery and pickup.

NOTE:  Repeated neglect of room rules may result in revocation of room-reserving privileges.



CANCELLATIONS: Please notify Corey Schenck at cschenck@mit.edu as soon as possible if you need to cancel your reservation.  Repeated failure to give notice of cancellations may result in revocation of room-reserving privileges.

Click here to go to the RESERVATION SYSTEM CALENDAR.


For IMES rooms E25-101 or E25-119/121, contact imes-reservation@mit.edu; 617-253-4418

For CLASSROOMS E25-111 or E25-117, go to: http://web.mit.edu/registrar/classrooms/reserve/depts/