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Sixth Annual Expo

We are excited to announce the 6th Annual Expo to be held on March 9th and 10th, 2019 at MIT.

Our theme last year was !=$ (read: “not equals fiat”) — you can check out the highlights here. Last year’s expo came at the end of an incredible bull market. Everything wanted to find its way onto “the blockchain”, leading to an ICO frenzy. The hype was palpable.

For 2019, we want to dissect the hype and discern how to make it a reality. Bitcoin — the world’s first decentralized digital asset — brought about the start of this ideology 10 years ago today. We want to know what the next 10 years look like. What have we learned from the past 10 years of experimentation? Where has Ethereum succeeded where Bitcoin hasn’t? What can new communities learn from both of their shortcomings? Will lightning network and other multi-layer infrastructure finally push us to a new global currency? If we can be sure of anything, we will be in a very different place 10 years from now, but the intersection of the digital and physical worlds is just getting started.

At the 2019 Bitcoin Expo, we will consider the challenges that face us today and how we can augment the development of this still-maturing ecosystem. We invite you to join us two months from now to have a conversation with stakeholders and developers with boots on the ground. We will talk about scalability, user adoption, UX challenges, regulatory concerns, token economics, vulnerabilities, and some of the most promising solutions currently under development.

This expo will be a learning experience for anyone, whether they are enthusiasts or someone who has only just heard the word Bitcoin. We are excited to put together a stimulating environment for meaningful connections and motivate everyone to build for the next 10 (1010 binary) years!

The MIT Bitcoin Expo Committee looks forward to seeing you at the Expo.

We will be announcing speakers and agenda as the Expo draws near. To stay updated, apply to be a speaker, offer sponsorship, request press credentials, or volunteer subscribe here.

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