u-lab: Leading From the Emerging Future

About u-lab 1x

This course is an introduction to a method called Theory U, developed at MIT, for leading such change in business, government, and civil society contexts worldwide. u-lab will guide you in applying Theory U to an issue that matters to you, building your capacity to lead transformative change in the process. You will do so with fellow change-makers locally and around the world. Join us as we co-pioneer new approaches to today’s most important social and environmental challenges.

Connect with the Global Cohort

Thank you for joining us during the live session. To continue your journey with the community and deepen your practice, you can visit the following offerings: 

  • u-lab 1x Community Space: You can interact with other u-lab 1x participants and access tool / materials related to u-lab 1x.

  • Hubs: By clicking the link, you can find, join, or even create a hub. A hub is any physical or online space, organized around a shared context, such as place or interest, where u-school participants come together to learn and co-create. Hubs help people to translate insights into action.


Language Communities

  • Language Offerings: find out what support, translations, and sessions are being organized in your language.  

  • Language Hubs: The language hubs are self-organized collaborative spaces that make the initiatives of the u-school for Transformation accessible to different languages, cultures and communities from all corners of the planet. 

If you have any questions, please reach out us at u-lab@presencing.org

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