Transforming the Urban Landscape - LARP 601

Initial concept drawing: classroom and study area to be calm, still, quiet, and reserved...
water play to be open to the neighborhood, joyful, active, and for all ages.


Creating a water garden/water playground at the Sulzberger Middle School. Water garden/water playground to be situated at the lowest point in the topography between the school and the play ground. The Northeast corner of the school, with the water play area is to spread out into the neighborhood.

The water garden and the retention/detention pond to be created by the capture of runoff, and by a series of roof, street, and sidewalk drains, that flow through the neighborhood.

A fish pond of ornamental carp, with their natural vegetation to be created next to the larger detention/retention pond to soften the look of the water holding structure, and to be used for a program of study on life forms in water: fish, plants, water circulation, light, dark, and temperatures, on water and life forms.

Outdoor classrooms to be created adjacent to the carp pond; these classrooms to be covered by lath or light structure, to give the feeling of enclosure and privacy. The classrooms are to be open to the carp pond and water detention pond, and all three structures are to be enclosed by a fence.

A transition space to be created between the detention pond/classroom, and the open out door water play area. The transition pond will give the look of connection between the two water area, by having water cascade over the detention pond and the illusion that it is spilling, and falling into the play area, actually this water will recycle back to the detention pond. Fountains, jets, water overflowing, bubbling up and over, shooting up and falling down.

The Water Play Area: Open to the community, it's watery fingers stretch into the surrounding neighborhood. A joyous and exuberant place, with water jetting up and over, flowing over rocks and soft pebbles, down walk ways, sprays beating hard against your skin, or soft mists like sprays you can hardly feel.

There will be walls of water to walk or run through, puddles to kick and play in, water wiggles to crawl through, water slides to cascade down and go back again. Water running down hill, drip, drip, dripping slowly, and going into a water box, gushing up around you, and bubbling up. Swirls of water that circle around, and tug at your foot or hand.

The water play area to be open to all ages, and made safe and light, with soft landscaping, night lighting, walkways, and seating areas.

A water mural will be painted along the retaining wall of the school to set the tone visually of what is to come, and allow you to get into the park before you get there.




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