Revealing the Waters

Revealing The Waters- Environmental Sensitivity & Community Restoration

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The Mill creek watershed requires a multi-faceted approach to solving its complex array of dilemmas. Plagued with poverty, joblessness, water pollution, derelict housing, subsidence and flooding as a result of the over-taxed sewer system, Mill Creek is in dire need of a solution that can address these issues. Initially, the task may be approached on a watershed-wide level by recycling the rainwater falling on all residential and commercial structures for recycling within those buildings. A feasible next step would be to take some of the water out of the sewer and after preliminary mechanical treatment, treat the water at grade in a biological manner. This process could allow possibilities for a water reservoir with recreational and educational facilities. Finally, structurally sound buildings in buildable areas can be renovated into usable structures and open spaces. Done well, these could serve the community by improving the standard of living, attracting visitors while providing them places to spend their money during their visit. This package would contribute to the economic base of Mill Creek by creating jobs for residents and foster a further sense of pride among its inhabitants.

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