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About WTP in EECS

The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) track of the Women's Technology program was offered from 2002 - 2022. The program has been on hiatus since the retirement of long time WTP Director and EECS Track Coordinator, Cynthia Skier.

The Mechanical Engineering track of WTP is still offered, please visit the WTP Website for information

  WTP was created by MIT students in EECS in 2002 who were concerned about the fact that many young women do not consider engineering or computer science majors in college, despite having strong math and science backgrounds and analytical abilities. Research into this issue identifies some key pipeline barriers:

  • lack of pre-college computing experience
  • negative stereotypes about the field
  • lack of female role models
  • lack of confidence in their potential to pursue EECS

745 students attended WTP-EECS in the 20 years it was offered. Over 65% of WTP-EECS alumnae have chosen college majors in engineering or computer science; another 22% have majored in science or mathematics (the remaining are in a variety of fields).

Many credit WTP with sparking their initial interest in engineering and computer science.