TNT (Large Group)

Large Group is where we all come together to hang out, worship, and learn more about God's Word. We meet Saturday nights in the Student Center(room TBA) from 6-8:00pm.

Info Table

Almost every week, Chi Alpha sets up a table with tons of free literature to hand out to the MIT public.  Usually in Lobby 10, a couple people man the table, droppin' knowledge, talkin' to fellow students and faculty, and givin' out free stuff.


Church is where we rest up, get provisions, stock up on amunition, and get our PrAISE on!


OOHHHH!  These are the BOMB!  First, you get to LEAVE MIT behind, heh heh heh.  Second, you get to meet, bond, and chill with a lot of new people from other schools.  Third, it's just dope yall, dope.  They usually consist of workshops, chillage, grubbin', and growing in the knowledge of what all this God business is whether you are Christian or non-Christian.  It's a good time to be had by all.

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Life Coaching

What will it benefit you to get As at MIT and flunk life?
Mike Olejarz, the director of Chi Alpha at MIT, is available to meet one to one with students to assess their spiritual history, discuss developing their spiritual journey, and provide encouragement and support. He can also provide assistance in handling your finances, time management, and pre-engagement counseling. Contact Mike directly for this opportunity.


We offer training seminars each semester on foundational areas such as How to Study the Bible, Developing a Christian World View, and Being a Disciple of Jesus.

Monday Motivators

A weekly devotional written for students by Mike Olejarz, based on the 5 Objectives of MIT Chi Alpha (grow devotionally, think theologically, live communally, walk wisely, serve globally). Contact Mike at to receive the weekly email.


Chi Alpha Boston provides podcasts for college students on topics such as Christian biographies, worship and the arts, and apologetics. Go to and click on the podcast subscribe button. The podcasts are also available on iTunes.

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