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Yijiang Huang

PhD student at MIT working with Caitlin Mueller in the Digital Structures research group.

Office: MIT, 5-414

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I’m a PhD student in the Digital Structures research group with Prof. Caitlin Mueller at MIT. My research involves integrating combinatorial construction-related constraints into continous computational structural design scheme. I am interested in understanding both the theoretical properties of these problems and algorithms, as well as experimental results from real architectural applications.

My current goal is to develop fast planning algorithms to enable human or autonomous system to materialize design more efficiently and integrate assembly logic as a driver in early-stage conceptual design. In my vision, the planning system should not only be able to plan, but also diagnose causes of failure in the target design and provide suggestions for resolution.

My general interest are robotic task and motion planning, combinatorial optimization, shape analysis, applications of optimal transport and PDE.

Before coming to MIT, I received my BS in Mathematics from the University of Science and Technology of China, where I worked with Professors Ligang Liu and Juyong Zhang on sequence planning for robotic spatial printing. I’ve been fortunate to be advised by Mr. Lei Yu in his design and fabricaiton firm AWS as an apprentice in digital fabrication.