Virtual Roast 2021
Senior House Sport TARDIS

Welcome home, Doctor.

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Click on the building to enter the Senior Haus Videodrome!

Or click on the TARDIS to travel back in time, way back before the renovations...

However, you may need to find a more modern conveyance to return to the present time!

Navigation Tips:
  • Stairs work if you could get to them if you were in the physical Haus.
  • The elevator works.
  • Video chat rooms work with most browsers except Safari.
  • Click on your video (where it says "Me") to set your name.

"Are you saying reliving the Senior Haus experience = layers of deception, mind-control conspiracy and losing touch with reality in a series of increasingly bizarre hallucinations, full of 'techno-surrealist' aesthetic, and cryptic, psychosexual themes?"
-- Anonymous Parent