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Our research program is focused on understanding the role of complex oligosaccharides involved in a host of biological processes of medical relevance by using synthetic chemistry as a major tool. The central theme of this program is the development of all aspects of solid phase oligosaccharide synthesis with the long-term goal to develop a general, reliable, and rapid method for the assembly of complex carbohydrates. In addition, we are interested in utilizing synthetic carbohydates for disease prevention and as therapeutic agents.

1.New Methods for the Solution and Solid-Phase Synthesis of Oligosaccharides - Development of an Automated Oligosaccharide Synthesizer

2.Fully Synthetic Carbohydrate Tropical Disease Vaccines

3.Synthesis and Biochemical Studies of Glycosaminoglycans

4.Understanding Carbohydrate-Nucleic Acid Interactions: Design of Novel Aminoglycoside Antibiotics

5.Synthesis of Various Heterocyclic Scaffolds via Novel Cycloaddition Reactions

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