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about us


The Colombian Association of MIT is student-led organization recognized by MIT's Association of Student Activities (ASA). Its purpose is to share the Colombian culture at MIT and the Boston area, and to bring together the Colombian MIT community.

Each academic term we are involved in diverse social, academic, cultural, and sports activities. Some of these events include:

  1. MIT/Harvard Colombian Colloquium, in which interesting topics related to Colombia are presented and discussed.
  2. Colombian Dinners, were we get together and share Colombian dishes with other MIT students.
  3. Colombian Conference at Harvard and MIT, where international speakers discuss issues related to Colombia with MIT and Harvard faculty.
  4. MIT-International Fair, where we get to share our traditional dishes and dances with other international groups
  5. Guarito & Ron, our famous Colombian party
  6. Novena Navideña, a perfect opportunity to rejoin with some of our traditional celebrations

Some of these activities are carried out in cooperation with other Colombian associations in Boston and other student associations at MIT and Harvard University.