On a ground of dissolution, the soldiers might run away. Light ground is where soldiers have first entered enemy territory and do not yet have their backs to the wall; hence the minds of the soldiers are not really concentrated, and they are not ready for battle. It is not advantageous to attack an enemy on a ground of contention; what is advantageous is to get there first. Trafficked ground should not be cut off, so that the roads may be used advantageously as supply routes. On intersecting ground, if you establish alliances you are safe, if you lose alliances you are in peril. On heavy ground, plundering means building up supplies. On bad ground, since you cannot entrench, you should make haste to leave there. On surrounded ground, bring surprise tactics into play. If they fall into dying ground, then everyone in the army will spontaneously fight. This is why it is said, ``Put them on dying ground, and then they will live.''