Margaret Pan

[JPG -- mpan] MIT Department of EAPS
77 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
Tel. +1 617-324-8132

Hi there.

I'm a research scientist in EAPS (specifically planetary science) at MIT. I'm interested in planetary dynamics, debris disks, extrasolar planets, the Kuiper belt, planetary rings, and relativistic self-similar solutions; some of what I've been working on is on astro-ph and/or ADS. But I'm curious to hear about new things as well....

Before this I was at Toronto, NASA Goddard, UC Berkeley, IAS, and Caltech -- a few more details are in my CV.

[PNG -- KBO collisional cascades] [JPG -- Exoplanet eccentricities]
[PNG -- Relativistic shock solutions] [PNG -- Lagrange points & analogues]