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11.522: Research Seminar on Urban Information Systems

This research seminar provides a setting in which to discuss and investigate the urban planning and policy implications of modern and emerging information and comunication technologies (ICT). Seminar topics are usually tied to ongoing research in the MIT Urban Studies and Planning Department involving faculty associated with the Urban Information Systems (UIS) group. We expect most of this semester's topics to relate to various "Responsive Cities" initiatives involving urban modeling, urban spatial structure, urban sensing, and urban indicator development. These efforts include ongoing work in Boston (related to land use, transportation, and environmental modeling with MassGIS, the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, and Central Transportation Planning Services), and in Singapore (related to the MIT/Singapore program on "future urban mobility" and involving land use and transportation models, SENSEable City Lab experiments, and urban redevelopment).

Fall 2015 (This website =

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