Alumni Mentors...   are alumni who have volunteered to serve as mentors for student teams  

Brazilian collaborators...


Collaborators from the University of Brasilia

  Faculty...   are the instructors for 12.000, Fall 2002  
  Teaching Assisitants...   are graduate students who assist in the preparation for class meetings, provide mentoring for Undergraduate Teaching Fellows, and provide feedback on student web sites  
  Review Panelists...  

are experts with extensive knowledge about the special problems associated with characterizing and preserving the Amazon ecosystem who have volunteered to attend the final class presentation and provide feedback to Mission 2006 students on their design.

NEW: Raytheon presentation on SIVAM on 11/13/02.

  Specialty Advisors...   are experts who have agreed to serve as information resources for all students in Mission 2006  
  Students...   are freshmen participants in Mission 2006  
  Subject Administrator   provides assistance in classroom scheduling, course materials development, and coordination of Alumni Mentors, Specialty Advisors, and Review Panelists activities  
  Teams...   are the ten student subdivisions responsible for the Mission 2006 design  
  Undergraduate Teaching Fellows...   are upperclass MIT students who serve as coaches for the student teams  

Last updated on 12/02/02.

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  Your research and libraries staff...


are MIT staff who can assist with research and library research