Definition of A

In order for our group, Flora, to achieve an A, we must be able to
communicate effectively with each other and other groups. We then will be able
to collaborate our personal and group research to the entire class.

   We will examine the Rainforest Flora, first understanding the abiotic
factors that regulate the plants, such as water or sunlight. We then will need
to find a way to effectively measure these factors and needs of the flora.
Additionally, we will prepare a system to monitor the well being and status of
the flora, given an understanding of the each flora's function.

   After we have established a criteria and means to study the health of the
flora, we will need to identify the threats. Then, we will come up with
solutions to counteract, minimize, or block those threats.

   Our final goal is to create a content rich website, which encompasses the
previous goals and is comprehensive and practical enough to be implemented.

Did We Achieved?

I hope so...
(Coming Soon...)

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