Mission2006-theAmazon Basin Rainforest

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Current News

10/7/2002 Page Updated (Add History Section. )
10/9/2002 Page Updated (Add Pictures in History Section. Add Forest Type Section)
10/15/2002 Page Updated (New Information for History Section)
10/18/2002 New Link for our Presentation ! (Go to Mission2006-1 or Mission2006-1-2
10/23/2002 Page Updated (New Information for History Section. Add Preservation Section.)
11/3/2002 Page Updated (Preservation Section and Useful Links)


Current Research

Week 1-2     What is the Amazon Rain Forest? & What is the Threats?

History of Amazon Rain Forest
Forest Types of the Amazon Region
Useful Links

Week 3-6      Monitoring & What can we do?


Week7-8       Preparation for Presentation

Coming soon...

Definition of A


Questions and Motivations


The Powerpoint of our presentation