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  1. It is necessary for our group to establish a comprehensive baseline reading of what is characteristic of a healthy rainforest’s land. This will be primarily dependent on existing research, as this baseline will later be used to determine our own data collection methodology. The base line will be defined in terms of soil chemistry, thickness of topsoil (nutrient layer), current contamination, and geomorphology (erosion & effects of deforestation).

  2. Through a comparison to our established baseline, we will determine what the specific threats to the land of the rainforest are, as well as identify specific regions typical of these problems (these regions will serve useful for coordinating localized site monitoring and data collection with the other groups). It will also be important to quantify the threats and problems, to determine what the greatest threats are.

  3. Once we have determined the threats and problems we face, as well as coordinated regions/sites of focus (assuming we do not collect comprehensive data on the entirety of the Amazon Basin) we can begin to explore monitoring and data collection techniques, this will range from determining what we need to measure, to the devising of deployment protocols of specific monitoring devices.

  4. It will also be necessary to explore strategies for land preservation. This is a broad matter, including not only the establishment of preserves and protected regions, but also exploration of more effective agriculture, less invasive mining and lumber expeditions, as these all play a major role in the preservation and effective use of the land. It will be important to look into the best practices across a wide range of such endeavors.

  5. The creation and maintenance of our team website is a central portion of our grade. It should be periodically updated, relatively trouble free, and contain clear informative material, as well as tracking our progress as a group. It should describe the decisions/discoveries we have made, and perhaps the difficulties we have encountered on the way. Notably, it should be easy to use/navigate, and clearly presented.

  6. In order to function effectively, with any hope of accomplishing our goals, we must posses or develop solid research as well as team communication skills. It is also equally important to proficiently interact with the other eight teams, exchanging ideas and information, and collaborating on multi-disciplined issues. In conclusion, since the success of this project largely depends on the cooperation and teamwork of its members and groups, we must work together to create and efficient and effective final presentation through which we can disseminate our ideas to the public.


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