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  • Land quality changes following the conversion of the natural vegetation into silvo-pastoral systems in semi-arid NE Brazil. Barbara Wick, Holm Tiessen and Romulo S.C. Menezes. Plant and Soil 222; 59-70, 2000 Kluwer Academic Publishers
    • Although the study does not directly concern the rainforest, the knowledge obtained from it may be extrapolated to apply to rainforest agroforestry. Also contains interesting details about the effectiveness of bio-indicators.
  • Effect of five tree crops and a cover crop in multi-strata agroforestry at two fertilization levels on soil fertility and soil solution chemistry in central Amazonia. Gotz Schrotz, Wenceslau Geraldes Teixeira, Ronsangela Seixas, Luciana Ferreira da Silava, Michaela Schaller, Jeferson L.V. Macedo and Wolfgang Zech. Plant and Soil 221: 143-156, 2000
    • Compares the effectiveness of different species of trees at maintaining soil nutrient availibity.
  • Short-term patterns of carbon and nitrogen mineralisation in a fallow field amended with green manures from agroforestry trees. Nyberg, Gert; Ekblad, Alf; Buresh, Roland; Hoegberg, Peter. Department of Forest Ecolog, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Umea, Swed. Biology and Fertility of Soils (2002), 36(1), 18-25.
    • Shows the long term ineffectiveness of fertilizers.
  • Soil organic matter, microbial biomass and enzyme activities in a tropical agroforestry system. Chander, K.; Goyal, S.; Nandal, D. P.; Kapoor, K. K. Department of Microbiology, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, India. Biology and Fertility of SOils (1998), 27(2), 168-172.
    • Could perhaps be the smoking gun in proving the effectiveness of agroforestry.


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