We could not have completed this project without our mentors. They encouraged us, motivated us, supplied us with brilliant ideas, and were generally there to make sure we did not go astray.
We extend our thanks to MIT and ESI for providing us with the opportunity to tackle this complex problem and present our results both here on the internet and to a panel of distinguished guests.
Thanks to the department of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences for agreeing to host the Terrascope and MIssion 2009 programs. Thanks especially to Kip Hodges, our instructor, for helping to make the course material interesting and engaging.
Finally, we thank Micronesia and Peru, for in being so different geographically and in terms of development they presented us with radically different challenges to overcome and forced us to grapple more deeply with the issues at play.
A spirit of cooperation constantly prevailed among the teams. Thanks to this enthusiasm, teams came together to establish boundaries and discuss common issues, promoting both individual teams and the class team as a whole.