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Sea Morphology

by : Levon Thomas

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Sea Morphology: the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms.

Tectonic Plates is the theory that the Earth's crust and upper mantle (the lithosphere) is broken into a number of more or less rigid, but constantly moving, segments or plate which move in relation to one another, shifting continent, forming new ocean crust, and causing volcanic eruption.  These plates are shown in various diagrams like the one below.
Tectonic Plates

Tectonic plates cause many different natural disasters that occur on our planet. When the plates move, they tend to create stress between them. This stress, once built up can be relieved in one catastrophic event that changes the face of the globe. Some of this can be seen in this picture of the World.  The main subduction zones are clearly seen in this photo.  Around where the December 26 Tsunami happened, there is a light blue outline and there is a ridge there that was caused by this last earthquake. 

World Locations of Movement

Here is a diagram of what the a subduction zone looks like.  As you can see, the plate tends to go under another plate.  There are three types of plate-plate interactions based upon relative motion: convergent, where plates collide, divergent, where plates separate, and transform motion, where plates simply slide past each other.


This depics what happened on December 26 2005.  It shows how the when the continential shelf shifted in the earthquake, it droped the sae floor and created a wave.  It shows how as the wave gets closer and closer to lane, it begins to pick up its speed and its height begins to rise based on the magnitude of the force.  This

  Cause of Tsunami

This is a diagram of how much the earth has moved with in the last Million years.  It shows the movement of the tectonic plates and how some of the movements caused the underwater sea ridges we have today and how much they moved which causdes the massive earthquakes we have today.  They are the reason for tsunamis today. 

Movement of Tectonic Plates