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This is where you need to look for class assignments, changes to rooms, and other important news.

Solving Complex Problems (12.000) meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 4 pm. Depending on the nature of each day's class, the meeting may take place in a standard lecture hall with fixed seating (32-123 or 32-155 Stata Center and 3-270) or a room with tables and chairs that can be moved (E25-117). Team meetings will vary and some rooms will be made available as needed. Please learn to check the website each day before class as on occasion last minute changes do occur.

  Wednesday, September 14th, class will meet in Rm 32-144

 Friday, September 16, class will meet in Rm 3-270 to hear a Guest lecture, entitled The Mission life cycle as seen from 1800 miles away, by Alumni Mentor Hal Gustin.

 Monday September 26th: Special class on effective use of the library and an intro to GIS--in Rm 32-123, PLEASE BE ON TIME

  Wednesday, September 28th, class will meet in Rm 32-144

 Monday, October 3, 3-4pm: In Rm 32-123, Srikanth Bolla, Terrascope Alum, Starting a non-profit in India for children with multiple disabilities. See his website and learn more here. Can't make it? You can watch the webcast here. Refreshments.