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Technology Strategy

15.912 -- Fall 2000

Prof. Rebecca Henderson

This course provides a strategy framework -- drawing upon the economics of technical change -- for high-technology businesses. The emphasis throughout is on the development and application of conceptual models which clarify the interactions between competition, patterns of technological and market change, and the structure and development of internal firm capabilities.
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Summary Slides:

These are the slides that I prepared for the "two day" version of 912. They are a reasonable summary of "course highlights."

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Class Slides and Weblinks

Class 1 What is Technology Strategy?

Class 2
Dominant Designs
Class 3 Electric Vehicles

There are no slides for class 3 - the slides that I used in class were all from class 1 and class 2

Class 4 The Evolution of Markets

The Chasm Group

Class 5 Diffusion: EMI and the CAT Scanner (1)
Class 6 EMI and the CAT Scanner (2)
Class 7 Appropriability: Profiting from Technological Innovation
Class 8 Exploring the Dynamics of Investment
Class 9 The Economics of Standard Driven Markets
Class 10 Entrepreneurship in Standard-Setting Markets: Nintendo
Class 11 Entrepreneurship in Standard-Setting Markets: Sega
Class 12 Organizing for Research Productivity: Team New Zealand
Class 13 Absorptive Capacity
Class 14 Authority Responsibility and Reward:
Class 15 Xerox Technology Ventures

Xerox Corporation

Class 16 Understanding Organizational Failure
Class 17 Organizational Failure in Practice (1): USX
Class 18 Organizational Failure in Practice (2):

R.R. Donnelley & Sons: The Digital Division

Class 19 Options and Scenarios

Merck & Co

Class 20 Development Strategy: Tools and Frameworks:


Class 21 Development Strategy: Tools and Frameworks in practice:

Kirkham Instruments

Class 22 Alza/Ciba (1): Structuring a Deal?



Class 23 Alza/Ciba (2): Managing the Relationship, 1977-1979
Class 24 Alza/Ciba (3): Managing the Relationship, 1979-1981
Class 25 Wrap-Up

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