17.871 Home Page

Subject Information

Links down this column of the page refer to requirements and assignments for 17.871 in the Spring of 2003. I have also archived the class material from Fall 1999 and Spring 2001, when the class was numbered 17.801, and Spring 2002. This class also has an OCW page.

Syllabus and class schedule
  • Syllabus
  • New schedule (Feb. 13)
  • Appointments to discuss individual projects
  • Project presentation schedule

  • Examples of previous research topics
  • Introduction to Stata
  • How to Use the STATA infile and infix commands
  • How to Use the STATA merge and reshape commands

  • STATA demonstration handout
  • Printing STATA graphs on Athena
  • Mechanical Engineering data set codebook
  • Ranking of Political Science Journals by Evaluation of Journal Quality
  • Resources to help you learn STATA from the UCLA Office of Academic Computing.
  • STATA Corporation Web Site

    Problem sets

    Small, simple assignment for February 6.

    Group assignments

    Problem set 1 and solutions.
    Problem set 2 and solutions.
    Problem set 3 and solutions.

    Problem set 4 and solutions (CEG codebook for question 11.)

    Final assignment details

    The following slides were used in lecture. They are all Microsoft PowerPoint files.

  • Data Links

    Links down this column of the page refer to various data sites that have proved useful over the years. I invite nominations for new sites and information about inactive sites.

    Harvard-MIT Data Center
    Social Science Data Resources @ the MIT Libraries
    UC Data Archive @ Berkeley
    Washington Post gateway to government Internet resources.
    Richard Tucker's data page. Excellent gateway to data sources, especially those pertaining to international relations

    American Religion Data Archive
    Bureau of Economic Analysis
    Bureau of Justice Statistics
    Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Bureau of Transportation Statistics
    Division of Science Resources Studies (NSF)
    Energy Information Administration
    Environmental Protection Agency
    Federal Budget
    FEDSTATS (Index to federal agency statistics on line)
    National Agricultural Statistics Service
    National Center for Education Statistics
    National Center for Health Statistics
    Office of Management and Budget
    Statistics of Income Division (Internal Revenue Service)
    U.S. Census Bureau
    U.S. Federal Election Commission
    World Bank: Social Indicators of Development, 1995
    World Bank: Trends in Developing Economies, 1995

    Methodology section, APSA
    Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), the world's largest archive of computer-readable social science data.
    National Election Study (NES), for information about public opinion studies
    Political Science Manuscripts
    Resources for Political Scientists (Univ. of Colorado)
    Working Paper Sites of Political Science