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Engineering laboratory subject for mechanical engineering juniors and seniors. Major emphasis on interplay between analytical and experimental methods in solution of research and development problems. Communication (written and oral) of results is also a strong component of the course. Groups of two or three students work together on three projects during the term.


Course Description


Lab Manual (pdf format)


Course Materials


The following Matlab 'm' files may be useful to you as you massage the data you collect in the various experiments. If you develop other 'm' files that you think would be useful in this course, please send them to the course instructors.



fits n degree polynomial to input vectors xin, yin; fit coefficients in coeff


Utility to get the time and voltage trace from a data file


Utility to make matlab plots better for importing into reports


Least square fit of data using linear combination of powers


Analysis of power spectrum


Saturation properties for H2O; output sat. pressure


Saturation properties for H2O; output sat. temperature


Instruction for Writing Technical Paper


How to write a technical paper

Example 1

Example 2

Paper template

Paper 1st page layout

Paper other pages layout


Instruction for Oral Presentation


How to prepare an oral presentation