Zeus Versus Poseidon


Zeus Versus Poseidon

You walk into a room that is slightly dark, and you see (n-1, where n is the number of players) green glowing buttons on the walls. Once these buttons are pressed, a loud sound of an ocean storm with tossing waves and roaring thunder fills the room. A target range lights up, as does the rest of the room. In this game, Zeus and Poseidon have gotten into a little bit of tiff. You are going to be on the side of Zeus and need to collect his lightning for him by touching the right bottons as they turn green, and avoiding the blue ones that give power to Poseidon! These buttons will change colors every 5 econds, so you have to act and think fast!

Note: While the storyboard has colored tiles, we have listened to the feedback and would implement buttons and levers on the walls for palyers to press instead if this concept moves further. Just pretend that the tiles are on the walls for now, and would be in the shapes of tridents and lightning bolts for the players to press!

The more green buttons you step press, the more "Lightning Balls" you will have to launch at the Kraken in the back corner of the room using the sling. Hitting the Kraken scores you points, and at the end of 3 minutes you will get a star ranking based on how well you did. Because the score board is constantly adding points for Poseidon, you can never get 100% and are alwasy losing points. You need to act fast on the buttons and be accurate at the range up until the very end to ace this one (3 stars), or you will be back for more!

Check out my sketch model of the target gallery!