Magnet Maze

Looks-Like Model

With this sketch model, we wanted to explore how we could make this game engaging for everyone on a team of 2 or more people. We decided to add four magnets attached to the maze, each with a string short enough that the puzzle could not be completed with one magnet alone. This way, all users have to engage with the game in order to win. When a ball is deposited in one of the holes, it closes up and illuminates part of a hidden message. In order to illuminate the hidden code and win the room, a ball must be deposited in each hole.

The balls are guided by magnets on the other side of a 1/8" acrylic window. The ball is difficult to lift vertically with the magnet, and requires a great deal of patience. We found that players were successful in lifting the ball to a height where they could pass it off to their partner on about 25% of their tries.



Erika Anderson