I. Instructors

IKEDA, Masami 池田雅美 
  Rm. 14N-232, phone 452-2768  mikeda@mit.edu
Office hours: Monday 11:00-12:30, Wednesday 3:00-4:30 and by appointment

II. Meeting hours and classrooms

MWF 1:05-1:55    Rm. 16-628

MWF 2:05-2:55    Rm. 16-628

III. Textbooks

IV. Course Objectives

We will continue expanding grammar and vocabulary by further developing four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This course covers Lessons 28-30 of JSL. Class hours will be devoted to oral/aural and reading practices. After completing JSL we use authentic reading materials of various types for expanding the ability of reading and discussion. All classes are conducted in Japanese. The goal is to acquire the ability to use Japanese appropriately with increasing spontaneity emphasized, and to be prepared to become an independent learner to the point where you are capable of handling authentic Japanese by yourself, without fear or hesitation. Approximately 160 new kanji will be introduced in this course.

V. Evaluation

Daily Grade 25% *
Lesson Quiz (3)
Oral Interview (2) 15%
Presentation/Project (2) 10%
Kanji Quiz 10%**
Vocabulary Quiz 5%**
Homework 10%
Class Participation 5%
     * The two lowest daily grades will be dropped.
** The lowest score of each category will be dropped.

A. Daily Grade

You should come to class having memorized assigned Core Conversations thoroughly using audios. Also you are expected to try using new patterns actively in class. When reading is assigned, you must familiarize yourself with the contents of the materials as well as with the new kanji. Based on your performance of the CCs, drills and reading assignments, you will be given a daily performance score according to the following scale:

  	10 = excellent performance
9 = clearly well-prepared; strong performance with minor errorxs
8 = clearly prepared; fair performance
7 = evidently prepared but weak in major areas
6 = present, but evidently unprepared
0 = absent

B. Exam and Quizzes

There are three Lesson Quizzes, two oral interviews and two oral presentations. A number of Vocabulary Quizzes and Kanji Quizzes are given throughout the semester. There will be NO MAKE-UPS for missed performances and quizzes.

C. Writing Assignments

D. Attendance Policy

VI. Online Supplementary Materials

Supplementary course materials and other resources are available online (http://web.mit.edu/21f.506/www/).

In addition to our own resources, the following online dictionaries may be useful:

Other Information