"Rob, what do you mean, one o' clock at the Colosseum?"
  "Leigh, you'll be traveling around Italy with Sabrina. I'll be doing the same with Erik. You and I want to meet up.  We won't have phones so we need to plan it now.  Here's the map of Rome. See this piazza right next to the Colosseum?  I'll meet you right there at one o' clock on the 7th."
"I can't believe we're doing this.  But sure, we'll be there!"
  "We will be too, Leigh.  One o' clock at the Coliseum. I already can't wait to see you there.  It's time for me to meet Erik and go.  See you soon."
"OK.  Have fun.  I need to get packing myself"

One o' Clock at the Colosseum
an interactive narrative by Ben Zotto, May 1998