Interactive Narrative: Theory and Practice

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Lab Exercise for March 18: Introducing CharacterMaker3


Create an interactive character who can tell a knock knock joke.


 Using CharacterMaker3, login with an easily remembered username and password. (Security is not top level, so don't use your actual Athena password; WARNING: Create characters with SINGLEWORD names -- no spaces.)

Create a character, and use any web-based image as the test image for your character and user. You can also create your own an image and upload it. The image can be anywhere on the web, preferably at MIT.

(Warning: The "delete keyword" command does not work -- you can delete the whole character if you choose it!)

Some sources for images:

Some sources for knock-knock jokes:

Here is one from a kids oriented website or see this list from infoseek


Tony: "Knock knock"

Tricia: "Who's there?"

Tony: "Doris."

Tricia: "Doris, who?"

Tony: "Doris locked, that's why I had to knock!"

Submitted by Tony (age 6) & Tricia Hepburn (age 4) from Scotland

Advanced Exercises:

1. Make a character who can tell multiple Knock Knock Jokes.

2. Make a character who can be TOLD Knock Knock Jokes (Hint: Look at Advanced authoring tips in User Documentation for how to echo back user input).

3. Make a character with an animated gif picture that moves whenever the character is speaking and then stays still. (Hint: Use Fireworks to create an animated gif that ends in a still image. Reload the image with each new response.)

4. Make a character whose words tell an unfolding story, no matter what the user types in. (Hint: tell the story mostly through the Default responses.)

5. Make a character whose every utterance offers a choice of two keywords. (Hint: Would you like coffee or tea? Shall we go left or right? Do you want to go to the grocery or the bakery?)