21W785 - Professors

21W785 - Professors

Ed Barrett (ebarrett@mit.edu):

Ed Barrett is Senior Lecturer in the Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies at MIT. Although he holds a Ph.D. from Harvard in liberal arts and has published three collections of poetry, he was seduced into computing intitiatives in the mid 80s when he was part of a grant to use computers for teaching writing to minority students in Newark NJ. In 1986 he came to MIT and became co-director of group working on a distance learning project called the Networked Educational Online System (NEOS), a suite of programs for teaching writing and other subjects in specially designed electronic seminar rooms currently used at MIT.

Around that time he directed a series of annual international summer conferences at MIT on computers and the social construction of knowledge which resulted in four edited collections of essays published by MIT Press:

His next book, Xcommunication: A poetics of Cyberspace, will be published by MIT Press in 1997.

In 1995 Ed received a grant to create a prototype Electronic Multimedia Online Textbook in Engineering (EMOTE) for use in classes taught through the new Writing Initiative, which he co-directs with Les Perelman. Ed is currently collaborating with his colleagues Jim Paradis and Les Perelman in producing a comprehensive Web-based Guide for Scientific and Engineering Writing.

Ed is also General Editor of the MIT Press Series on Digital Communication, and this year he has instituted the MIT Center for the Study of Digital Communication at MIT.

Marie Redmond (mredmond@mit.edu):

Marie Redmond is managing director of X Communications, an Irish based multimedia development company. This company was formed from The Multimedia Centre in Trinity College Dublin which Marie established and directed from 1991 to 1994. She is also a lecturer in Trinity College Dublin where she teaches Multimedia Systems, and she is currently teaching at MIT.

Marie worked in the software industry for fifteen years for Digital in both North America and Europe. Most recently, she was a consulting software writer specializing in networks and communications. Marie was a representative for DEC to the Open Software Foundation. In June of 1995 Marie co-edited Contextual Media: Multimedia and Interpretation, (MIT Press, Cambridgee, MA) with Edward Barrett.

Marie is a frequent speaker at conferences on Digital Publishing and Multimedia Technologies. She also presents technology topics on radio and is a contributor to a national newspaper in Ireland.